Christian dating service colorado springs

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I'm big in my church and the lord is first in my life. I enjoy sports, going to elitchs, the zoo, go carts, mini golf, laser tag and just hanging out. I'm generally very calm and rational, and while anger can spur me to action, it's never the carrying force. I like the outdoors, hiking, fishing, golfing and movies.A wife who, same as I, believes in the Word of God 100%. I've decided to start dating again and see what's out there.I'm waiting on God to provide me with a wife who believes that Christ is the head of a man and that the man is the head of his woman. I am looking for something that could one day lead to marriage.

I'm currently a teacher at a childcare and love it. I can do/learn whatever I wish, if I prioritize spending the time and effort to learn how to do it (whether it be fix/work on my car, or remodel my kitchen, or put together a computer, all of which I've done- youtube is awesome).

The casual atmosphere, funky-cool Dynasty-inspired décor, and brightly dressed fruity cocktails invite you to relax and linger over dinner.

The food is all cooked-to-order, no soggy steam-tray stuff, and they have an impressive vegetarian selection.

I believe my friends and coworkers would describe me as appearin I'm looking to meet someone who likes to have fun together. I truly enjoy going to church, it's like the pep rally of life! I can't imagine going through life thinking there's nothing after this life and know no one is there to get my back when I need him.

Here in The Springs, we've got the very best nature has to offer, and so much more.

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