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According to witnesses, the man had arrived at Mlolongo around 9am and headed straight to the witchdoctor’s house.When he got there, to his disappointment, the ‘doctor’ had just shifted base to an unknown estate three days earlier.

Olivia seemed to relish being drilled by Ann’s hubby and would even send him her ‘I have experience the true meaning of betrayal. OLIVIA APONDI AGUTU, your place is in HELL We use to be best of friends with this lady, and our husbands are like brothers for almost 5 years for me to realize that I have been smiling with a python.

Apart from the photos being obscene and offending public decency, the weekly citizen succeeded in depicting and objectifying women as sex objects”. Chairperson Winfred Lichuma demanded that Weekly Citizen publishes a public apology and recalls all its December 5th-11th copies from circulation.

The Commission also asked the Media Council of Kenya to take appropriate action on the Weekly Citizen with a view of ensuring that the newspaper ceases to publish offensive literature and complies with the code of conduct and other relevant laws, rules and regulations governing their work.

(The names of all refugees in this story have been changed for their protection.) He says police took the three of them to jail, placing them in a cell with straight prisoners and announcing that “these are gay people—you don’t know what they will do.”The inmates immediately began questioning, then slapping, the gay Ugandans.

This continued until Nelson managed to persuade them that the police officer was lying in an attempt to blackmail them into offering a bribe—a common practice in Kenya.

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