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Louis had been born in New Orleans in the same month, and he immediately began to live with the actress.

News of Sandra Bullock’s adoption of Louis was announced in March 2010.

Louis is the most well-behaved child and polite to other kids.

Bryan shares the same feeling on how raising kids should be.” Bullock met Randall, who has a daughter from a previous relationship, in 2015 through mutual friends.

'MINIONS' REVIEW: ANIMATED FILM WEARS OUT WELCOME IN 20 MINUTES AND SANDRA BULLOCK IS BAD Bullock brought the mystery man, in which the mag claims is a "photographer," as her date to the star-studded nuptials of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux on Aug. "Sandra's boyfriend is very attractive," a source said, while a second insider gushed, "he's super hot but also super normal. She's very hands-on and wants her son to experience everything." ON A MOBILE DEVICE?

She's clearly happy with him." "They were very affectionate." SANDRA BULLOCK NAMED PEOPLE MAGAZINE'S 'MOST BEAUTIFUL' PERSON Bullock was rumored to be seeing actor Chris Evans last year, however, the other man in Bullock's life is her 5-year-old son Louis.

One insider confirmed, “He’s a photographer,” while another revealed, “Sandra’s boyfriend is very attractive,” before a final source added, “He’s super hot but also super normal.As he tries to drink away his sadness after becoming a husk of a man due to his use of Tinder, Sandra tries to strike up a conversation but is rebuffed.After a discussion with his inner selves about his loss of sex skills, he gins new confidence in himself and spins a yarn about a dead twin brother, getting Sandra to go home with him.PHOTOS: Celeb moms brag about their kids New love aside, the ’s Chris Evans, 34, a year ago — continues to focus on her little prince.“Sandra is with Louis every day,” says a Bullock source. She’s very hands-on and wants her son to experience everything.” Can't get enough of Us?

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