Sex chatting in yahoo messenger with rollplay

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(requests for private messages (PM) are allowed here.) #nsfw-pics: For trading pictures.These are the rules to the chat rooms and they apply to everyone.

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You can have it so that your character kept it cleaned and sharpened all the time, so it is still durable, or it may have been forged not to long ago. Other: Pets, scars, keepsakes(like Artifacts, such as Sam's Robot or Ellie's Switchblade).

These weapons won't be like most of The Last of Us.

In chat clients outside of i Sexy Chat, channel operators may be recognized by or alternative symbols.) If you need to report something to a channel operator, do this in a private message and not in the chatrooms.

If you don’t follow the rules there is a good chance that you find yourself kicked or banned from our channels.

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